Built on a site of 8 000 m2, our unit of Oued Smar (Algiers,Algeria) manufactures today some 35 million units per year, through 9 lines of...

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Allocation to pharmacies

The Subsidiary BIOPURE, entry in activity in 2006, asserts itself today on the Algerian market as one of the major players in the distribution...

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Wholesalers Distribution

Our subsidiary Biopharm Distribution has developed during more than two decades a broad distribution network consisting of 3 distribution...

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Medical Promotion

 The Subsidiary Human Health Information (HHI), entry in activity in 2002, is a company of representation and information which provides...

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Pharmaceutical Logistics

 Biopharm Logistic is born in 2014 as a result of the subsidiaries of the logistics activities previously carried out within the group Biopharm....

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Sofiane LAHMAR

Sofiane Lahmar is associated among Development Partners International (DPI), one of the leaders of the Private Equity in Africa. He joined CIO in April 2010.

His professional experience covers the investment‘s trades and the private equity, of the Council in mergers/acquisitions, and the trading of options. before joining DPI, he was a partner and "Co-Chief Investment Officer" at Kingdom Zephyr Africa Management (KZAM), a panafricaine investment company owned in majority by Kingdom Holding Company, the vehicle of investment of SAR Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, member of the Saudi royal family and international investor.

Before joining KZAM in 2005, Sofiane Lahmar was Vice President in the Department mergers and acquisitions of the Business Bank JP Morgan in New York where he has advised and worked on transactions for mergers and acquisitions of a global amount of more than US$ 25 billion. Sofiane Lahmar began his professional career on the desk of trading of options of Exchange at Fleet Boston at Boston. Sofiane Lahmar has been and is a Director and members of the committees, executive boards of companies in which he has invested. He was named as one of the "Financial News 100 Rising Stars" in London in 2008, as one of the "managers of private equity of the year in Africa" in 2010 by Young Africa, and as one of the "Leaders of Tomorrow in Africa" by Young Africa in 2013. Sofiane Lahmar holds a Master in Finance and International Economics from the International Business School of Brandeis University in Boston and a Masters of Science in Management from the University Paris-Dauphine.


1. ADP businesses WLL, Administrator:represented by Sofiane LAHMAR

Consortium of institutional investors based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which the capital is held by:

ADP I Holding LP

Great britain

DEG - Deutsche Investitions und Entwicklungsgesellschaft




2. Lies KERRAR

Has worked for ten years on the financial markets and in Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and in developing travel funds. Lies Kerrar has worked for several investment banks, including Financière Banque Natoinale, one of the Canadian investments in investment and investment analysis.

He worked for Désjardins Sécurité Financière, one of the biggest life-insurance companies in Canada in developing investment product.

From 2004, he directed funding mandates, of merger and acquisition, and in advising the institutional investors in the Algerian markets. He contributed in developing the Algerian bond market and created Humilis Finance, a consulting firm in Corporate Finance, which is the first independent firm in Algeria that is authorized to constitute activities in brokerage transactions.

He is actually the president of Hawkama El Djazair, the Algerian Institute of Corporate Governance (Algeria), and a contributor in the Task Force OEDC-MENA about the corporate governance. He is an executive member in the Forum of Businessmen (FCE), presiding the tax commission, and is a member of the National Tax Council.

He holds an MBA in finance from the HEC Montreal, and he has studied Finance and derived company’s products at the University of Toronto. He has realized several professional programs, including CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), Level I, Canadian certification on securities as well as the qualification SFI on the world bank as an expert in training of administrators.


 3.Gilles DE CLERCK

Gilles De Clerk is founding-partner among EuroMena Funds (Capital Trust Group), one of the leaders of the private equity on the MENA region. He joined EuroMena in September 2004.

His professional experience covers the trades of the investment and the private equity, and the Council in strategy and management. Before founding EuroMena, he was a Senior Manager at Vertone (2002-2004) and Booz Allen & Hamilton in the Middle East (1995-2000).

Gilles is also an investor and founder of Webraska Mobile Technologies, society in the technology sector in the region Benelux & Scandinavia. Gilles is a graduate of ESSEC , a large School of Management (Paris).

4.Jade del Lero Moreau

Jade del Lero Moreau is Investment Professional among development partners International (DPI), one of the leaders of the Private Equity in Africa. He joined DPI in January 2014. His professional experience covers the trades of the investment and the private equity, of the Council in mergers/acquisitions, and the search for actions. Before DPI, Jade del Lero Moreau was Vice President in the Department mergers and acquisitions of the Bank general society, it has been based in Paris covering the sectors heavy industry and consumer goods (2007-2009 and 2012), and Madrid covering the infrastructure sector (2010-2011). Before this, Jade del Lero Moreau began his career at the Department Equity Research of Goldman Sachs in London


 Two technical committees are intended to assist the Council of administration:

.*A Committee of'Audit, responsible to study and to make any recommendation to the Executive Board concerning the following areas: social accounts, external control and risks.

The Audit Committee meets twice per year, at the beginning of the year and at the end of ‘year. It is composed of a member of the Board of'administration.

A Remuneration Committee, Study and propose to the Executive Board all recommendations in the area of compensation policy. The Remuneration Committee meets twice per year. It is composed of members of the Executive Board