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Creation of a joint venture with the intention to construct a new manufacturing facility in Algiers. more


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The first success of a clinical trial in genic therapy. more


Psychotropic drugs are not recommended during pregnancy. more

Who are we ?  
Who are we ?

Biopharm spa is an Algerian, independent pharmaceutical laboratory, established in 1992 by Mr. Abdelmadjid Kerrar.
Nowadays, the team has almost 1200 colleagues, one third of which are scientifics.
During two decades, Biopharm committed itself to the pharmaceutical distribution and has contributed to the stabilization of the Algerian drug market. Biopharm Distribution, which is conceived according to a model adapted to the pharmaceutical distribution and responding to the good distribution practices, combines accessibility, due to its nationwide geographical implantation, with effectiveness and with a range of various products.

In order to respond to the growing demand, and confirm its commitment in Algeria’s economic life, Biopharm stays in tune with the new public health policy, where the need to control the drug bill is becoming obvious. This fact led BIOPHARM to local production since 2005, with products under license of world leader laboratories as well as products issued from its own Research and Development Laboratory, which are quality generic drugs. Biopharm Production has been conceived and established according to the rules of Good Manufacturing Practices.

To confirm our commitment to quality, Biopharm is certified ISO 9001 since 2007.

The independent character of our Group allows the reactivity and the flexibility necessary for envisaging many developments in Algeria as well as internationally and confers to partnerships a real spirit of cooperation.

The General Management is involved in the initial stage of every partnership project, in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the cooperation.

Permanently working on ensuring a proximity service to the doctors and pharmacists, Biopharm created two distinct subsidiaries:
Human Health Information (HHI): In 2002, to provide medical information to health professionals
Biopure: In 2006, for wholesale distribution to pharmacies.

In order to come to projects’ fruition, Biopharm invests in programs of continuous training.

To guide the development of its therapeutic range, Biopharm formed a scientific committee in 2008.

Who are we ?
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